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Remote Volunteer Opportunities

1. Hanging posters for volunteering or upcoming events

2. Posting on Volunteer websites
3. Reach out/post on free websites for upcoming events
       - Community Build Week, Women Build Week, etc. 

4. Create "Jobs" on Indeed for volunteering

5. Reach out to companies/organizations about volunteering
6. Reach out to companies/organizations about sponsorships/partnering

7. Reach out to local restaurants about meal sponsorships
8. Join any committee - click HERE to learn more                                                          

       - Each committee has remote work 

       - Need chair/leaders for the committees! (Marketing, Faith Relations, Fundraising, etc)
       - Event planning especially! 

9. Reach out to local High Schools to start HS Habitat Chapters

10. Reach out to potential buildings for ReStore locations 
       - permanent and/or for pop-up events
       - after location is solidified, help VISTA reach out for product donations
11. Reach out to storage facilities for new storage unit space

12. Research potential grants
13. Grant writing 

14. Reach out to people who have lots for sale

       - lot donations 

15. Reach out to local car dealerships/people who have cars for sale, etc. 

       - car donations 

16. Photography - volunteers, homeowners, homes, home dedications, home blessings, events, etc. 

17. Website maintenance/updates   

       - All "services" donations welcomed 


18. Office work - organizing, scanning, filing, shredding, laminating, cleaning, etc. 

19. Research potential local programs to partner with
       - If it's a good fit, create a partnership 

20. Research potential events for Habitat to attend
       - Attend/have a booth if comfortable

21. Write thank you cards and/or send thank-you items 

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