Kenosha community additional resources

If you are in need of additional assistance beyond Habitat for Humanity Kenosha, there are many local non-profits who are helping our community as well. 
Kenosha County Transportation
medical transportation for disabled individuals and the information on Kenosha's bus/train.
Kenosha's Shalom Center
has classes on resume building, interview help, life skills, etc.
Kenosha's Human Development Resources
focuses on Mental Health/Addiction resources and community intervention. 
Benefit Programs for Older Adults
national benefit programs
Center for Disease Control
has information on how to stay healthy.
Kenosha's Low Cost Healthcare Resources
helps low-income families receive healthcare. 
Home and Property Mainenance
has a directory of different businesses in Kenosha to help out with home-care 
Society Assets
for individuals who are elderly or living with a disability.
Home for our troops
builds homes fit for disabled veterans
Kenosha Resource Database
additional resource center
Kenosha Community Resources
additional resource center
Kenosha County Resources
additional resource center
additional resource center
Kenosha Housing
assistance with housing maintenance for low-income
Workforce Development
services for low-income families
provides free services for mental health and illness

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