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Once a family is approved to become a partner family with Habitat, they will be working with us in a variety of ways. In order for their home to be sold to the family, they must complete their required sweat equity hours. For families with only one adult, the minimum number of sweat equity hours is 250, families with 2 or more adults need to complete at least 500 hours of sweat equity.

Sweat equity includes working on your own Habitat home, other Habitat homes, attending homeownership workshops, as well as various special projects for Habitat and fulfilling community service.

Partnering with Habitat is not just about getting work done before your family moves into it’s new home. The best way a family can continue partnering with Habitat is to pay it forward and continue to work with us. Families are expected to be a good neighbor, to pay their mortgage on time, and to maintain their home properly, but Habitat families go beyond this and continue to stay active in our organization by continually volunteering and stopping in our office.

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